Noda Time
MapLocal Method (localDateTime)
Returns complete information about how the given LocalDateTime is mapped in this time zone.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public ZoneLocalMapping MapLocal(
	LocalDateTime localDateTime
Public Function MapLocal ( _
	localDateTime As LocalDateTime _
) As ZoneLocalMapping
ZoneLocalMapping^ MapLocal(
	LocalDateTime localDateTime
localDateTime (LocalDateTime)
The local date and time to map in this time zone.
Return Value
A mapping of the given local date and time to zero, one or two zoned date/time values.
Mapping a local date/time to a time zone can give an unambiguous, ambiguous or impossible result, depending on time zone transitions. Use the return value of this method to handle these cases in an appropriate way for your use case.

Assembly: NodaTime (Module: NodaTime) Version: (1.0.1)