Noda Time
Item Property (id)
NamespacesNodaTimeIDateTimeZoneProviderItem[([( String])])
Returns the time zone for the given ID.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
DateTimeZone this[
	string id
] { get; }
ReadOnly Default Property Item ( _
	id As String _
) As DateTimeZone
property DateTimeZone^ default[String^ id] {
	DateTimeZone^ get (String^ id);
id (String)
The time zone id to find.
Return Value
The DateTimeZone for the given ID.

Unlike GetZoneOrNull(String), this indexer will never return a null reference. If the ID is not supported by this provider, it will throw TimeZoneNotFoundException.

Note that this may return a DateTimeZone that has a different ID to that requested, if the ID provided is an alias.

Note also that this method is not required to return the same DateTimeZone instance for successive requests for the same ID; however, all instances returned for a given ID must compare as equal.

The fixed-offset timezones with IDs "UTC" and "UTC+/-Offset" are always available. These must return instances that are equal to those returned by ForOffset(Offset).

TimeZoneNotFoundExceptionThis provider does not support the given ID.
ArgumentNullExceptionid is null.

Assembly: NodaTime (Module: NodaTime) Version: (1.0.1)