Noda Time
GetMaxMonth Method (year)
The maximum valid month (inclusive) within this calendar in the given year. It is assumed that all calendars start with month 1 and go up to this month number in any valid year.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public abstract int GetMaxMonth(
	int year
Public MustOverride Function GetMaxMonth ( 
	year As Integer
) As Integer
virtual int GetMaxMonth(
	int year
) abstract
year (Int32)
The year to consider.
Return Value
The maximum month number within the given year.
ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionThe given year is invalid for this calendar. Note that some implementations may return a month rather than throw this exception (for example, if all years have the same number of months in this calendar system). Failure to throw an exception should not be treated as an indication that the year is valid.

Assembly: NodaTime (Module: NodaTime.dll) Version: (1.1.1)