Noda Time
GetSystemDefault Method
Gets the time zone from this provider that matches the system default time zone, if a matching time zone is available.
Declaration Syntax
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DateTimeZone GetSystemDefault()
Function GetSystemDefault As DateTimeZone
DateTimeZone^ GetSystemDefault()
Return Value
The provider-specific representation of the system default time zone.
Callers should be aware that this method will throw DateTimeZoneNotFoundException if no matching time zone is found. For the built-in Noda Time providers, this is unlikely to occur in practice (assuming the system is using a standard Windows time zone), but can occur even then, if no mapping is found. If it is necessary to handle this case, callers can construct a BclDateTimeZone via ForSystemDefault()()()(), which returns a DateTimeZone that wraps the system local TimeZoneInfo, and which always succeeds. Note that BclDateTimeZone is not available on the PCL build of Noda Time, so this fallback strategy can only be used with the desktop version.
DateTimeZoneNotFoundExceptionThe system default time zone is not mapped by this provider.

Assembly: NodaTime (Module: NodaTime.dll) Version: (1.1.1)