Noda Time
GetJulianCalendar Method (minDaysInFirstWeek)
Returns a pure proleptic Julian calendar system, which defines every fourth year as a leap year. This implementation follows the leap year rule strictly, even for dates before 8 CE, where leap years were actually irregular.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public static CalendarSystem GetJulianCalendar(
	int minDaysInFirstWeek
Public Shared Function GetJulianCalendar ( 
	minDaysInFirstWeek As Integer
) As CalendarSystem
static CalendarSystem^ GetJulianCalendar(
	int minDaysInFirstWeek
minDaysInFirstWeek (Int32)
The minimum number of days in the first week of the year. When computing the WeekOfWeekYear and WeekYear properties of a particular date, this is used to decide at what point the week year changes.
Return Value
A suitable Julian calendar reference; the same reference may be returned by several calls as the object is immutable and thread-safe.
Although the Julian calendar did not exist before 45 BCE, this calendar assumes it did, thus it is proleptic. This implementation also fixes the start of the year at January 1.

Assembly: NodaTime (Module: NodaTime.dll) Version: (1.2.0)