CalendarSystem GetHebrewCalendar Method Noda Time
Returns a Hebrew calendar, as described at This is a purely mathematical calculator, applied proleptically to the period where the real calendar was observational.

Namespace: NodaTime
Assembly: NodaTime (in NodaTime.dll) Version: (1.3.1)

public static CalendarSystem GetHebrewCalendar(
	HebrewMonthNumbering monthNumbering

Return Value

Type: CalendarSystem
A Hebrew calendar system for the given month numbering.

Please note that in version 1.3.0 of Noda Time, support for the Hebrew calendar is somewhat experimental, particularly in terms of calculations involving adding or subtracting years. Additionally, text formatting and parsing using month names is not currently supported, due to the challenges of handling leap months. It is hoped that this will be improved in future versions.

The implementation for this was taken from, which is a public domain algorithm presumably equivalent to that given in the Calendrical Calculations book by the same authors (Nachum Dershowitz and Edward Reingold).

Version Information

Available since: 1.3.1
Supported in the PCL? Yes
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