DateTimeZone AtStartOfDay Method Noda Time
Returns the earliest valid ZonedDateTime with the given local date.

Namespace: NodaTime
Assembly: NodaTime (in NodaTime.dll) Version: (1.3.1)

public ZonedDateTime AtStartOfDay(
	LocalDate date


Type: NodaTime LocalDate
The local date to map in this time zone.

Return Value

Type: ZonedDateTime
The ZonedDateTime representing the earliest time in the given date, in this time zone.

NodaTime SkippedTimeExceptionThe entire day was skipped due to a very large time zone transition. (This is extremely rare.)

If midnight exists unambiguously on the given date, it is returned. If the given date has an ambiguous start time (e.g. the clocks go back from 1am to midnight) then the earlier ZonedDateTime is returned. If the given date has no midnight (e.g. the clocks go forward from midnight to 1am) then the earliest valid value is returned; this will be the instant of the transition.
Version Information

Available since: 1.0.0
Supported in the PCL? Yes
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