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A calendar system maps the non-calendar-specific "local time line" to human concepts such as years, months and days.
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OnlineSystem Object
  NodaTime CalendarSystem

Namespace: NodaTime
Assembly: NodaTime (in NodaTime.dll) Version: (1.3.1)

public sealed class CalendarSystem

Many developers will never need to touch this class, other than to potentially ask a calendar how many days are in a particular year/month and the like. Noda Time defaults to using the ISO-8601 calendar anywhere that a calendar system is required but hasn't been explicitly specified.

If you need to obtain a CalendarSystem instance, use one of the static properties or methods in this class, such as the Iso property or the GetGregorianCalendar(Int32) method.

Although this class is currently sealed (as of Noda Time 1.2), in the future this decision may be reversed. In any case, there is no current intention for third-party developers to be able to implement their own calendar systems (for various reasons). If you require a calendar system which is not currently supported, please file a feature request and we'll see what we can do.

Version Information

Available since: 1.0.0
Supported in the PCL? Yes
Thread Safety

All calendar implementations are immutable and thread-safe. See the thread safety section of the user guide for more information.
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