DateInterval Equality Operator Noda Time

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Compares two DateInterval values for equality.

Namespace: NodaTime
Assembly: NodaTime (in NodaTime.dll) Version: (

public static bool operator ==(
	DateInterval lhs,
	DateInterval rhs

Return Value

Type: OnlineBoolean
True if the two date intervals have the same properties; false otherwise.

Date intervals are equal if they have the same start and end dates and are both inclusive or both exclusive: an exclusive date interval of [2001-01-01, 2001-02-01) is not equal to the inclusive date interval of [2001-01-01, 2001-01-31], even though both contain the same range of dates.
Version Information

Available since: 2.0.0
Supported in the PCL? Yes
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