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The CalendarSystem type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberForId
Fetches a calendar system by its unique identifier. This provides full round-tripping of a calendar system. It is not guaranteed that calling this method twice with the same identifier will return identical references, but the references objects will be equal.
Public methodGetAbsoluteYear
Returns the "absolute year" (the one used throughout most of the API, without respect to eras) from a year-of-era and an era.
Public methodGetDaysInMonth
Returns the number of days in the given month within the given year.
Public methodGetDaysInYear
Returns the number of days in the given year.
Public methodStatic memberGetHebrewCalendar
Returns a Hebrew calendar, as described at This is a purely mathematical calculator, applied proleptically to the period where the real calendar was observational.
Public methodStatic memberGetIslamicCalendar
Returns an Islamic, or Hijri, calendar system.
Public methodGetMaxYearOfEra
Returns the maximum valid year-of-era in the given era.
Public methodGetMinYearOfEra
Returns the minimum valid year-of-era in the given era.
Public methodGetMonthsInYear
Returns the maximum valid month (inclusive) within this calendar in the given year.
Public methodIsLeapYear
Returns whether or not the given year is a leap year in this calendar.
Public methodToString
Converts this calendar system to text by simply returning its unique ID.
(Overrides OnlineObject ToString .)
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