NodaConverterBase T  ClassNoda Time

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Base class for all the Json.NET converters which handle value types (which is most of them). This deals handles all the boilerplate code dealing with nullity.
Inheritance Hierarchy

OnlineSystem Object
    NodaTime.Serialization.JsonNet NodaConverterBase T 
      NodaTime.Serialization.JsonNet NodaPatternConverter T 

Namespace: NodaTime.Serialization.JsonNet
Assembly: NodaTime.Serialization.JsonNet (in NodaTime.Serialization.JsonNet.dll) Version: (

public abstract class NodaConverterBase<T> : JsonConverter
Type Parameters

The type to convert to/from JSON.
Version Information

Available since: 1.2.0
Supported in the PCL? Yes
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