TZDB NZD files for Noda Time

This directory contains NZD (Noda Zone Data) files built from various versions of TZDB (aka IANA time zone data). When the embedded version in the unstable branch is updated with a new version of the TZDB data, the file is uploaded into this directory as well, so that users don't need to update to a new version of Noda Time to benefit from updated data. See the user guide for details on how to use these files within your project. The NZD files in this directory should be usable for version of Noda Time from 1.1 upwards. (If you need the files in 1.0 format, please contact the mailing list.)

Whenever a file is added, the latest.txt file is also updated. This will always be an ASCII file just containing the URL of the latest version. You may use this to automate fetching the latest version.

index.txt contains a full list of URLs of all the NZD files in the directory; if you already know the version you're interested in, you can just fetch tzdb(version).nzd, e.g. tzdb2013h.nzd.