Our primary distribution channel is NuGet with two packages:

An experimental assembly to support Json.NET is also available (in source form only); see the serialization guide for more information.

See the "Building and testing" section in the developer guide for instructions on building Noda Time from source.

System requirements

Currently Noda Time requires .NET 3.5 (client profile). It supports Mono (with some caveats) but does not support Silverlight (or, by extension, Windows Phone 7). We'd like to support these in the future, but it will involve a non-trivial amount of work. The same goes for creating a Portable Class Library project, although that may be simpler.

Package contents and getting started

Everything you need to use Noda Time is contained in the NodaTime package. The NodaTime.Testing package is designed for testing code which uses Noda Time. See the testing guide for more information. It is expected that production code will only refer to the NodaTime.dll assembly, and that's all that's required at execution time. This assembly includes the TZDB database as an embedded resource.

Everything within the NodaTime assembly is in the NodaTime namespace or a "child" namespace. After adding a reference to the main assembly (either directly via the file system or with NuGet) and including an appropriate using directive, you should be able to start using Noda Time immediately, with no further effort.