New users can sometimes be a little overwhelmed by Noda Time, and want examples. This page collects a lot of them in one place. A lot of these are small, because once you know what operation you're trying to achieve, Noda Time makes it very easy to express that... but it can still be tricky finding that if you're new to the API.

These examples typically use explicitly-typed local variables so that you can tell all the types involved easily. You can use implicitly-typed local variables (var) in your own code, of course.

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How old is Jon?

Jon was born on June 19th, 1976 (Gregorian). How old is he now, in the UK time zone?

LocalDate birthDate = new LocalDate(1976, 6, 19);
DateTimeZone zone = DateTimeZoneProviders.Tzdb["Europe/London"];
ZonedClock clock = SystemClock.Instance.InZone(zone);
LocalDate today = clock.GetCurrentDate();
Console.WriteLine($"Today's date: {today:yyyy-MM-dd}");
Period age = Period.Between(birthDate, today);
    $"Jon is: {age.Years} years, {age.Months} months, {age.Days} days old.");

Note that a using directive for NodaTime.Extensions is required for this, as InZone is an extension method in NodaTime.Extensions.ClockExtensions.

(Also note that running this recipe in Try .NET may show an old date, if the result is cached from a previous run. We're working on it!)

How can I get to the start or end of a month?

Use the DateAdjusters factory class to obtain a suitable adjuster, and then either apply it directly (it's just a Func<LocalDate, LocalDate>) or use the With method to apply it in a fluent style:

LocalDate today = new LocalDate(2014, 6, 27);
LocalDate endOfMonth = today.With(DateAdjusters.EndOfMonth);
Console.WriteLine(endOfMonth); // 2014-06-30

Date adjusters also work with LocalDateTime and OffsetDateTime values. For example:

LocalDateTime now = new LocalDateTime(2014, 6, 27, 7, 14, 25);
LocalDateTime startOfMonth = now.With(DateAdjusters.StartOfMonth);
Console.WriteLine(startOfMonth); // 2014-06-01T07:14:25

How can I truncate a time to a particular unit?

Use the TimeAdjusters factory class to obtain a suitable adjuster, which can be applied to a LocalTime, LocalDateTime or OffsetDateTime:

LocalDateTime now = new LocalDateTime(2014, 6, 27, 7, 14, 25, 500);
LocalDateTime truncated = now.With(TimeAdjusters.TruncateToMinute); // 2014-06-27T07:14:00