Current roadmap

The following is an approximate roadmap for the major features that we hope to support in Noda Time. Some of this roadmap is inspired by Noda Time's current limitations.

If there's something not mentioned here that you feel should be on this roadmap, then please either raise an issue or post on the mailing list.

This roadmap was last updated on 2018-05-06.


  • Removal of any obsolete methods
  • Move to target netstandard2.0 only, removing all conditional code (if possible)
  • Complete removal of binary serialization
  • Make all structs readonly and try using in parameters in internal API (not public)
  • Add parsing of ReadOnlySpan<char>
  • Express nullability via C# 8
  • Implement C# 8 range functionality (if that happens)

Unscheduled features and issues which we hope to address at some point

  • Support month name parsing/formatting for the Hebrew calendar using CultureInfo
  • More code analysis using Roslyn (e.g. check that all non-nullable parameters are validated)
  • Possibly more calendars (Ethiopian, Fiscal, 360-day)

Tooling and web site

  • The snippets infrastructure is mostly hacked together, largely written late at night at a conference. Ideally, it should be outside Noda Time entirely - but whatever we do, more work is needed. Lots more snippets need to be written, too :)
  • Better benchmark infrastructure:
    • Nice UI with visualizations
    • More appropriate storage of benchmarks (in a database, basically)
  • Revisit how we manage API documentation versions. This is particularly important in terms of serialization, which is now separated from the main repo.
  • Web site revamp: it's functional, but could be more inviting.

Separate projects

  • Formatting (probably not parsing) using CLDR data for month names, Unicode pattern symbols, possibly non-ASCII numbers.
  • CLDR time zone information (e.g. sample cities to display to users)
  • Serialization for Google Protocol Buffers (code already started)